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Halite is the mineral form of sodium chloride (NaCl), commonly known as rock salt. Pure halite is colorless, though it is often colored by impurities. It is soft and breaks (cleaves) into cubes. Halite crystallizes in the isometric (also called cubic) crystal system and when it forms crystals, it generally forms cubes. It’s most noticeable and important physical feature is that halite is readily soluble in water. This allows halite to be useful in such varied applications as cooking, food preservation, and chemical production.


COMPOSITION: Sodium Chloride

Color: Colorless, white, pink.

Streak: White

Luster: Viterous

Synonyms: Salt, Common Salt, Rock Salt

Halite is the source of common salt. Enormous Halite deposits are worked for salt. Salt has many uses, and must be heavily mined to satisfy demand. Some of its most famous uses are:

    a Used in food

    b) Highway De-icing

    c) Salt Licking for animals

    d) Crude Oil Extraction

    e) Home-water Softeners

    f) Food preservation